Bowie Movers – Top Rated Office Moving Company in Bowie

Searching for a quality Bowie moving company to handle your move? Here at Topline Moving Company we offer you the most professional, efficient and responsible service you have a right to expect. We have years of experience helping our clients with a wide range of residential, commercial and office moving requirements to relocate locally, long distance and internationally. Whether you are relocating your business or your family, you need movers in Bowie that you can depend on to handle your property carefully and respectfully, while providing you with a smooth moving experience which is simple and stress-free.

Bowie Movers – Top Rated Office Moving Company in Bowie

To help you choose which Bowie moving company is most compatible to fulfill your needs, we advise you to follow these five simple steps, which should provide you with all the information you require to make the right choice:

  1. All Bowie Movers are ranked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check the company’s ranking for service in the BBB website, detailing the reasons behind the ranking, including the number and type of complaints against the company, and if the company has resolved said complaints with the clients.

    Topline Moving Company enjoys one of the highest BBB rankings for Bowie moving companies.

  2. Browse the company’s website. Any moving company which cares about the quality of their customer service will invest the time and resources required to improve every aspect of customer interactions. While most Bowie movers have a website, one of the easiest ways to assess the quality of their service is to examine the structure of their website. Does it look like they have put in the time and energy to offer updated, current information to their clients and provide ongoing, high-end online support? If a company’s website is bare and skimpy on content, if it looks like they rarely update it, this can be a warning sign that they may not put great emphasis on customer services. Any company can put up a few pages in order to advertise their business and services, but a company that truly wishes to assist their customers, will invest the resources required to fully maintain a cutting-edge, online presence that is topical, constantly updated, and rich with important information and useful content.

    Topline’s website offers you detailed information tailored to your specific moving needs. It is user-friendly, and is constantly being monitored and updated by top professionals in the field.

  3. Compare pricing between Bowie Moving Companies. Some of the lesser Bowie movers use a “bait-and switch” tactic in quoting their moving service prices – they initially make a tentative, unfixed, extremely low offer to hook you in, sometimes mentioning that there may be additional costs and expenses due to “unforeseen” complications or changes that might arise during the move, but “not to worry”. Unfortunately, on the day of your move they will come up with a variety of extenuating circumstances and problems that will double, triple and sometimes quadruple the initial quoted price, and because it is the day of the move and too late to hire another Bowie mover you find yourself paying way beyond the expected cost. Another tactic is to quote an extremely low hourly rate. For example, the published hourly rate for 3 movers and a truck is $120. Some of the less scrupulous companies will make offers as low as $69/hour for 3 movers and a truck, and the reason is that they know they will be gaining it all back after they “pad” their prices on the day of the move. Remember – If an initial price offer seems too good to be true, it usually is! The only way to avoid such upsetting occurrences is by choosing a Bowie moving company which will give you a firm, fixed quote for the entire moving process. Only quality Bowie moving companies will be responsible enough to their clients to offer a fixed price.

    Topline movers will always quote a firm, fixed price for your move, after on site examination and careful consideration of all aspects of the move, including packing and loading conditions, careful mapping out of the route and checking for any traffic obstacles, unloading conditions, and any other specific or special requirements.

  4. Test each company’s customer service. After looking up Bowie movers, take the time to test each of the moving companies’ customer services. If you fail to get a hold of a human customer service by phone, or they do not answer your questions promptly, fully, and in a friendly manner before you commit to them, chances are they won’t do it during or after your move. Ask detailed, informed questions and see if you get straight answers or sketchy replies. If they refuse to quote a fixed estimated price before you commit to them, or if you feel that they are not treating you with respect, keep looking.

    At Topline Moving Company we are always at your service, by phone or online, with a real desire to offer you the helpful, friendly and respectful assistance that we believe you deserve.

  5. All Bowie moving companies should be licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Find out if the company you are dealing with is actually licensed by the DOT. Some companies are simply brokers who sell jobs off to other Bowie Movers for a profit. Make sure that the company you choose is a full-service, Bowie Moving Company. Ask for their DOT and ICC-MC number so that you can look them up online at SaferWeb, the online informational website provided by the DOT for licensing and authorization issues.

    Topline is a licensed and authorized company by the DOT. We are always open to any inquiries you may have, and will promptly provide you with any and all information you request so that you can check us out and discover that we are a quality Bowie moving company that prides itself on being licensed, authorized and open to your inspection.

Bowie Movers – Top Rated Office Moving Company in Bowie

If you have taken all of the above steps, you have discovered what all of our clients already know – that Topline is the best Bowie moving company for you. Even if you have special moving needs, we have experience with a wide range of unique moving requirements, such as transporting fine art, antiques, pianos, collectibles, pool tables, safes, and a variety of other valuable items and equipment.

In choosing Topline, you are choosing a full partner for your move. Our services include all of the planning, logistics and execution stages. Our experienced consultants will assist you and be at your disposal every step of the way, leaving you free to handle all the other aspects of your move such as your job, your family and relocation arrangements. We do our homework, and are prepared for any contingency. Our trained, competent Bowie movers are professional, efficient and have the utmost respect for your property, all together guaranteeing you a safe, smooth and stress-free move.

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